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Modern Art

Whether it’s badass Rock Star Art for rockers like Mick, Iconic Pop Art for glamorous film stars like Marilyn, Celebrity Art for athletes like Kobe, Modern Vintage Art for waif models like Twiggy, each work of art gives a distinct vibe true to your individual style and personal taste.

ModShop offers hand painted works of modern art featuring cultural icons of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. We offer our clients the ability to order custom pieces. Just send us a photo and pick your color palette.

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ModShop’s Modern Art includes a wide variety of abstract art, modern vintage art and colorful art, to suit the design needs of any style room. A splash of color can help bring out the furnishings and accessories that surround your modern art selection in many ways. To view more of our fabulous pieces, go to: 

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If you are interested in our Modern Art and would like additional information, please contact ModShop owners John & Taryn directly: 

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