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Modern Beds

Spruce up your bedroom with an array of modern furniture. From velvet beds to tufted beds, ModShop has the ability to create modern custom furniture for your love nest. A modern headboard can be a beautiful focal point to showcase your custom made bedroom pieces.

Your bed is your sanctuary. Somewhere to escape the chaos of your daily life. Where dreams become your getaway and where you lay your head to recharge. In this new post, we bring you modern beds with dual functionality. Whether it’s modern day storage space or that statement headboard with vibrant colors that you’ve always wanted in lieu of art. The modern sanctuary of 2014 will be nothing short of spectacular, with the interchangeable accents and the vintage glamor you are sure to find your new comfort space.

Modern Beds_1.17.14

You can have this look by contacting ModShop for your next project. The sky is the limit and we would love to assist you in creating your dream space. You can contact ModShop owners John & Taryn directly: or 

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