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Modern Credenzas

The credenza, a word meaning “belief” in the Italian language, has been around for centuries, and not only received it’s name from, but also originated in Italy. Over time the word took on new meaning. Originally being used to describe the tasting of food and drink, the word eventually came to refer to the room where that actually took place, and finally on to the furniture piece we know today.

No matter the space a credenza occupies, it is certainly an integral part of any room. Whether it is functioning as a means of storage for a wide variety of objects, or solely for holding objects specific to the dining room, or kitchen, its usefulness goes without question. Credenza’s are typically available in one of two styles – rustic and vintage, or modern. At ModShop, we offer a variety of modern and custom credenzas representing numerous styles. Whether you set your sights on one of our Hollywood Regency style credenzas or Mid-Century Modern credenzas, we are certain you won’t be able to take your eyes off of them!


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