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ModShop Inspired by Hand Woven Fabrics

Posted on: June 1st, 2015 by Modshop

ModShop would like to introduce our new hand woven pillows from India. Typically when we think of woven pillows the mind goes to ‘BoHo’ but with the right mix of furniture woven textures can be worked into a modern space.

ModShop Woven Fabrics

Shop ModShop for Hand Woven Pillows.

Interior Trend: Recycled Wood

Posted on: May 14th, 2015 by Modshop

Recycled wood has been popping up all over the interior world recently. Ceilings, headboards, kitchen islands and interior details- nothing seems to be off limits.

The trick is to mix in the right amount of recycled wood into your space without making it feel like an outdated cabin. At ModShop we took this rustic look and gave it a modern twist. The sleek matte black metal with pops of wood gives warmth to the room without overdoing it. It’s sophisticated yet friendly. What do you think?

ModShop Recycled Wood

Shop ModShop for recycled wood pieces:

Recycled Wood CredenzaCody Dresser with Mid Grey Recycled WoodBlack Cody Dresser with Dark Grey Recycled WoodCody DeskCody Coffee TableCody CredenzaCody Dining Table, Cody Sofa in NavyCapri Credenza


Posted on: February 5th, 2015 by ModShop

A well known and simple way to glam up the home without having to completely re-design each room is to add a few statement pieces of art. Vibrant accessories, abstract paintings, and chic throw pillows are some of our favorite ways of doing this – though at the moment, we’re completely obsessed with using photography to achieve this, specifically the divine creations of the late Slim Aarons.

Slim Aarons, who first worked as a photographer for the U.S. Army (and later moved to California to photograph celebrities) is best known for “photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places,” – his own words. Slim Aarons captured the epitome of “the good life” as early as the 1950’s, with photos still effortlessly gorgeous today.

The photos, most often still-shots of beautiful socialites and celebrities, enormous mansions and resorts shown in complete detail and of course a number of remarkable vacation spots and bright, blue seas are still worthy of the highest praise years and years later.

Inspired by his glam, timeless creations, we’re offering a wide range of Slim Aarons reproductions, both canvas and acrylic, in our Los Angeles, Miami and Palm Springs showrooms. For ModShoppers in all other states, don’t fret, his works can also be purchased on our website!

mod_style mod_style mod_style mod_style mod_style mod_style

Modern Side Table Trends

Posted on: January 19th, 2015 by ModShop

Side tables are an integral part of any bedroom. Sadly, they’re often lost in translation when covered from front to back in books, midnight snacks and other out of place items that find a short-term home upon them.

At ModShop we strive to create modern side tables that draw attention to a specific design aesthetic; Side tables you’d never dare cover with random out-of-place bedroom items for fear that under those items, your gorgeous side tables won’t be visible any longer.

Aside from their most common use as bedside tables, ModShop side tables function in a wide range of rooms and are ideally paired with a variety of items including sofas, desks, arm chairs, etc.

Below we’ve compiled a visual of the side tables we’re currently admiring, including a few culturally inspired and industrial-mod pieces. Take note of the wide range of vibrant colors that add both life and flair!

mod_style mod_style mod_style

Modern Pink Furniture

Posted on: October 10th, 2014 by Taryn Bernard

“At ModShop, we are consistently trying to find ways to support charities we respect and admire. This week, in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are choosing to dedicate the ModShop blog to showcasing modern pink furniture that we find both enticing and trendy.

We recognize that the color pink is a representation of much more than gender; It is a representation of hope and warmth that we, at ModShop, welcome into our homes and storefronts regularly.

During the entire month of October, 10% of each pink ModShop item purchased will be donated to a breast cancer awareness foundation of our choosing.”

modern pink furniture, breast cancer awareness month

“Recently, we received a request, asking us to mention that Regency Shop will be hosting a special auction (on their website), in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They will be auctioning off three gorgeous pieces of pink furniture. The proceeds of the auction will then be given to charities that work to further breast cancer research and awareness.

To participate in the bidding hosted by Regency Shop, visit”

Modern Dressers

Posted on: October 1st, 2014 by Taryn Bernard

Clothes. Linens. Papers. Knick-knacks. Keep-sakes. These are just a few of the items dressers often hold. Though the functionality is perhaps the most important aspect of any dresser, the outward appearance of the furniture must be taken into consideration as well. It’s not a far-fetched idea that at some point everyone has discovered a piece of furniture that he or she liked, but with some undesired aspect. In terms of dressers, it is not uncommon to find one that does not necessarily have the drawer depth, height, width, etc. that you may have been seeking.

Luckily, this will never be a problem at ModShop. From modern desks, to modern dressers, and everything in between, we offer our clientele the option to customize his/her selected piece of furniture. At ModShop we’ve eliminated the fear of not being able to purchase the dresser you like in the size of your choice!


Modern Hardware

Posted on: September 19th, 2014 by Taryn Bernard

One of the most under-appreciated facets of any given piece of furniture is typically the hardware on the door and drawer fronts. What many fail to understand about modern hardware is that it absolutely has the ability to dictate the style of not only the piece of furniture it is positioned on, but also of the entire room it resides in.

Whether your dressers demand subtle hardware, or perhaps a more bold piece of hardware, we assure you, either type can be found at ModShop. Below we’ve compiled a few photos of hardware we find both modern and charming and have included hardware that our interior designers have in fact, created themselves.


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