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Modern Sofas

From Mid-Century Modern Sofas to Industrial Modern Sofas, ModShop can give you the perfect tufted modern sofa look that you’ve always wanted.

Our custom built modern sofas come in every style, shape, and size, which ensures you’ll find the perfect modern sofa for your home. If you’re more rock and roll, Hollywood glam, or a minimalist enthusiast, you’re guaranteed to find a beautifully hand crafted modern sofa piece to fit your design needs.

We offer our clients the ability to customize all of our furniture pieces to fit their design style specifications. From velvet sofas to chesterfield sofas, ModShop shows you the best of what the interior design world has to offer. Take a look at these design spaces and how you can incorporate the same look by finding your dream sofa at ModShop! 


Our design philosophy is, the sky is the limit. The ModShop LA area production facility, houses our upholstery operation, custom carpentry, metal fabrication, paint and finishing…..all under one roof. Find a few of our Modern Sofa designs below!

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For more information, quotes or help with finding a modern sofa for your home, please contact ModShop owners, John & Taryn:

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